12 Reasons Why People Are Broke!

1. They Set No Goals

2. They Blame Others

3. They Make Excuses

4. They Abuse Credit Cards

5. They Own A Car They Can’t Afford

6. They Can’t Build Savings

7. They Don’t Know How To Invest

8. They Don’t Stick To A Budget

9. They Don’t Invest In Themselves

10. They Aim To Impress Others

11. Their Finances Aren’t Organized

12. They Have Poor Spending Habits

Now that you know 12 of the most common reasons why people are broke, what are you going to do now? These aren’t easy habits to break but if I’m sure if you’re reading this you are ready and willing to make the change. So make the changes NOW. “I’ll do it later” will become “I’ll do it tomorrow” and then you’ll end up repeating the same habits. If you start now you’ll begin seeing the results one day earlier than if you start tomorrow.


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