What is a Great Side Hustle That Can Eventually Replace My Job?

First of all, you need to understand how a side hustle really works. A side hustle is meant to give you an extra source of income, on top of what you are currently earning from your day job. It should be easy to do, and should not take up too much of your time. Remember, you still have to work at your day job! You will be tired and exhausted by the time you get back home from work. So you wouldn’t want a side hustle that requires the same energy that you put into your day job. Ideally, it should take you no more than 2 hours per day to do. Anything more than that, and you will drop dead on the floor.

I recommend, if you are looking for a reliable side hustle then stay away from being a freelancer. You are already hung up by your day job, so the last thing you need is to work at a second job! So what is the perfect side hustle that you can do with around 2 hours per day?

One of the best ways is to start off with is Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing doesn’t take you a lot of time and effort. You don’t have to keep any inventory. You don’t have to deal with pesky customers. You don’t have to create any products or perform any technical maintenance. You simply promote an easy but proven affiliate program like this one right here by being the middleman, and keeping the commissions.

There are 3 main methods:

  1. Build your own email list– The money is in the list! With your own mailing list, making money for you will be simply typing up a promo email, and then click “send”.
  2. Build your own following on social media– I am sure you are following some social media influencers with a huge following. Now, you certainly don’t need a massive following like them. All you need is a loyal group of followers who are willing to open up their wallets for any products that you recommend to them.
  3. Run your own Facebook group– This method is surprisingly very seldom talked about, and one of the most over-looked. But it can bring you massive results if you do it right. All you need to do is to build a highly responsive group that grows organically on Facebook. Free traffic + highly responsive group members = big money in your pockets!

As you can see, the 3 methods above won’t take you more than 2 hours per day. But they do require you to take consistent action every single day

No action = no results.

Of course, there are other great side hustles besides affiliate marketing like creating online courses and then selling them on major platforms like Udemy and SkillShare. There are many instructors out there that are earning more than $5,000 passive income every single month on these platforms. If you have some unique skill or talent that can help improve the lives of other people, then go ahead and give this a try. So now, just go out there and do it!


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